Welcome to Keiki Friendly Oahu. My goal with this blog is to share our adventures and inspire other families to get out and explore this paradise. As a military family, we arrived in Hawaii in June 2010 and it was so much different than anything we had seen before. The mountains, beaches, waterfalls, tropical fish.. it's all just breathtaking. As soon as our vehicle arrived on island we set out on our first hike, and after that we were addicted! 

Our kids had never been out hiking or snorkeling and had only been to the beach a handful of times before we arrived here. Our last duty station was in North Carolina and I was terrified of  the woods there. There are Copperheads, Black Widows and Brown Recluses all over back in NC. We were only about half an hour from the beach but we didn't go often because it just wasn't that kid-friendly of a beach. The waves were usually huge, the sand wasn't pretty and soft like it is here, and there wasn't a reef protecting it so I was always scared of the kids getting whisked away. So when we got to Oahu, where there are no snakes, few spiders, and beautiful and safe beaches, we decided we were going to make the best of our time here and experience as much of Hawaii as we could!

So often I hear people complain that there's nothing to do here and everything there is to do is so expensive. Well I can prove all that wrong. Almost everything we do is free or very cheap. You just gotta get creative, do a little research and not be afraid to get dirty! We have done some of the more touristy stuff that does cost a bit more - some of it I will post about, but the majority of what we love to do is free or cheap and very kid friendly! I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and feel free to share yours as well in our comments!