With caution and knowledge, hiking can be a great family activity. It promotes fitness, family bonding and a love for the outdoors. There are a few things to remember when heading out to hike.
  • Always bring plenty of water.
  • Know your trail. Not all trails are marked, and some are not marked well. Be sure you've done your research before you head out onto an unknown trail.
  • Always tell someone where you will be hiking.
  • It's best not to hike alone.
  • Use common sense!
Hiking with kids requires extra caution. Know what to expect when you are heading out into the woods and plan accordingly. If it is hot and the trail isn't completely covered, bring sun screen. If you will be hiking in a hot jungle bring mosquito repellent. If you are going to be hiking near rivers or just after a good rain expect mud, and lots of it!

This is a place I will compile all of the hikes I have published on this site so far. My favorite hike is the Likeke Falls trail. If I am taking people out on their first hike, this is always the one I choose. It's pretty, short, has lots of elements, a beautiful waterfall at the end and it will give you a great idea of whether or not hiking is right for your family! 

So here's my list:

Kaniakapupu (Summer Palace of King Kamehameha III) - VERY short hike just off the Pali to the ruins of an old Summer Palace. Great beginner hike. Very easy. No treachery. No sun on the trail, some at the palace. Bring bug spray.

Likeke Falls - Twenty minute hike through a bamboo forest to a nice waterfall. Little treachery. Some mud, especially once you are nearing the waterfall. Great beginner hike!

Waimea Falls -  I would call this more of a stroll than a hike. It is about a mile walk on a paved trail through a botanical garden. Lots of sun. No treachery. There is an entrance fee into the gardens. We had fun, but we prefer mud!!

Pali Lookout & Old Pali Road - This is a really fun and surreal feeling hike. It is a walk down the Old Pali. It is steep coming back up and there is some sun. There is no treachery (unless you continue under the Pali Hwy and take the longer route to the Likeke Falls) just remember 'what goes down must come back up.'

Kalihi Valley - Another hike on an old road. You do gain some elevation and it does get a little slick going back down. Use caution. Lots of mosquitos. Not my favorite hike with kids but it was a fun experience. Great hike for teenagers wanting to check out the Ice Ponds near the end!

Hamama Falls - COMING SOON