Monday, June 27, 2011

Waimea Falls

If you prefer a paved path surrounded by 1,800 acres of botanical gardens that ends at a beautiful waterfall with a pool deep enough for swimming, this is the one for you! The path is about a mile long, paved the whole way. This is great for families of all types! It is very stroller friendly, there are restrooms and changing rooms and even a lifegaurd and life jackets provided at the base of the falls!

There are side trails shooting off the paved trail. The kids loved exploring all the little areas and learning about the different plants!

Taking a break! We are used to hiking under the canopy of the hawaiian jungle; walking this paved trail can get very hot!!

Really neat plants!!

Yay!!! We are almost there!

Entering the pool of the falls with our super stylish life jackets!

Swimming near the base of the falls! 


There is an admission fee to enter the park but it is worth the visit! Like most places on island, they do offer military and Kama'aina Discounts with photo ID.

You are exposed to the sun most of the way! Consider bringing sun screen and water.

Pack a bathing suit and towel!

Visit Waimea Valley for more information.

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