Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hanauma Bay

We decided to visit Hanauma Bay while we had family visiting a few months ago. Everything, from the drive there, to the beautiful view looking down on the bay to the fish and coral you view while snorkeling, was just breathtaking!!

I highly recommend and underwater camera!

Look even the little ones can do it!! Here's my 4 year old snorkeling. He had a blast!!

It is quite a walk down to the bay and back up but well worth it!! If you have alot of stuff - or are just feeling lazy - they do offer a shuttle for a small fee!

As always don't forget to bring sunscreen and plenty of water! 

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  1. Did you know there's a hike on Hanauma Bay? You guys should definitely do it. The first part of the hike is paved and it's an easy hike.