Monday, September 13, 2010


We did a few short hikes this weekend!

First we visited Kaniakapupu which is the ruins of the Summer Palace of King Kamehameha III and his wife Kalama. The palace was built in 1845 and held a Luau of 10,000 people, mostly foreign celebrities, chiefs and commoners! This place is pretty small, it's hard to believe it held that many people. Off to the right of the main house is the remains of a small detatched kitchen. It's a very neat place to visit and imagine what it once was.. also a good place to teach the kids some Hawaiian history or to take some nice photo ops.

Take the Pali Hwy toward Kailua and turn right onto Nuuanu Pali Dr. Keep driving until you pass a Board of Water Supply building on your left. Go about 20 yards further and you still see the opening of the trail into a bamboo forest of the right side of the street. If you go just past the trail there is enough space for 3 or 4 cars to park along the side of the road. Follow the trail for about 300 feet and turn left and follow this trail for another 350 feet and you will come into the clearing of the ruins!

Beginning the hike

Coming into the clearing

This is such a nice little relaxing hike, just minutes off the road. It is hard to believe we had the palace all to ourselves on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.